Viking Age

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Invest to get rewards. Every day you have a chance to feed your Dragon and get rewards!
The three types of magic have completely different effects in battle.
Learn from opponents in the Arena. Prepare for even bigger battles!
A strong army needs a suitable Hero. You can summon different Heroes in the Alehouse.
May 12, 2016

Warriors, welcome to Viking Age! Experience fierce battles, perfect your tactics, and work together with other tacticians. What do you think of when you think of Vikings? Are they brave warriors, revered for their fighting?They are valiant warriors, war fanatics and also unafraid of death. But although Vikings are adept warriors, they also have a softer side and tact. Let's open the door and explore the world of Viking Age!


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  • Vigdis
    Vigdis has a unique background as her mother is a Witch and her father is a Viking. When Vikings...
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    V-Search Center
    Click here for the list of towers and skills You can upgrade towers in the V-Search Center.
  • Aura Quarters
    There are 5 different areas you can search. Each search on a specific area has a chance to...
  • Soldier Quarters Thumbnail
    Soldier Quarters
    Recruiting costs silver, but will give you soldiers. These soldiers are utilized in the Smog...

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