Straw Hat Samurai: Duels

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Improve your samurai by leveling up, mastering devastating skills and obtaining more powerful equipment!
Fight real-time PvP samurai duels and participate in tournaments for honor, glory and riches!
Experience an epic story full of mystery, intrigue and action!
Command troops and fight against rival Clans in the War Room strategy game!
Mar 19, 2015


Slash your way into the world of Straw Hat Samurai: Duels, the side-scrolling Samurai MMORPG!

Use your mouse/finger to draw a line and your samurai will perform his/her slashes based on the lines that you draw!

Fight LIVE PvP SAMURAI DUELS! Amass Glorious Loot! Wage War!


Explained in-game

October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween Samurai! Will you be around to answer the call of the Grim Reaper? Update: Halloween Gold Special Offer is now on for 48 hours!

September 10, 2015

v0.716 update: - added icon to top right corner of screen to indicate if server is down and saving is not succeeding - max duel tokens is now 40 - /ignore now ignores PMs but you can still read the ignored person's PMs if you "look" at him - players on the clan rogue list now cannot initiate the building of structures - items sold in merchant shop are now more random - fixed bug where light and balanced stance damage did not increase when stance skill was increased (level 1 to 10: light damage increases 0.5x to 0.9x, balanced damage increases from 1x to 1.2x) - fixed bug where balanced and heavy stance slash length did not increase when stance skill was increased (level 1 to 10: balanced slash length increases 1x to 1.2x, heavy slash length increases 0.5x to 0.9x) - fixed bug where critical damage is not displaying correctly on stats screen - fixed bug where your own barricades can reduce the number of troops you deploy in your own sector - fixed bug where silver and titanium ore deposits show as diamond - fixed bug that could cause coins to become negative after trade - fixed bug where banned message is shown when server is down - fixed bug where autoslash can cancel smokebomb

August 24, 2015

v0.715 update: - war room attack stage is now bigger and your spawn location is based on the direction you are attacking from. - for 5 seconds after entering a pvp room or war room attack or until the player's first slash, the player now cannot be hit by other players' slashes and certain skills. There will be a blinking indicator during this period. - added ability to chat while in war room attack - disabled hqs in the war room now cannot be attacked/deployed/moved to stance vs stance bonuses are improved: - light stance does more damage against heavy stance and will receive less damage from heavy stance. - balanced stance does more damage against light stance and will receive less damage from light stance. - heavy stance does more damage against balanced stance and will receive less damage from balanced stance. - changing stance now deducts more from the critical bar - critical bar increases slightly slower - critical damage multiplier is increased - headshot damage multiplier is decreased - when you are launched and you use smokebomb, you now cannot be launched again until you touch the ground - fixed bug where critical damage was being displayed wrongly on stat screen - fixed bug where clone stabs do not do damage - fixed bug where water stomp can be cancelled by autoslash - fixed bug where some skills and stab dealt critical damage and reduced critical damage bar - fixed bug where kunai deals damage when hitting weapon or scabbard - Reminder: If you have more than 99 items in a stack, it will soon be reduced to 99 so make sure to use them while you can
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