Shop Heroes

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Customize your shop to attract the best customers.
Unlock new blueprints and craft legendary equipment.
Gear up your heroes to challenge others in the Arena.
Defeat powerful bosses for a chance at some epic loot.
Sep 1, 2016


Brand new simulation management game packed with endless adventure.

Customize your shop, train your workers, craft epic items, gear up your heroes and prepare to wage war in the Arena!


Explained in-game

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  • Crystal Shield Thumbnail
    Crystal Shield
    Crystal Shield Unlocked By: Golden Chest/OR/ 54, Blueprint Rarity:, Item Level: 30, Base...
  • The Inn Thumbnail
    The Inn
    See Resource Quests for more info. Available since the Thanksgiving Update for mobile users (not...
  • Item Flow Chart Thumbnail
    Item Flow Chart
  • Iron Wood Thumbnail
    Iron Wood
    Iron Wood is the fourth rare resource in the game. Item Level: 6, Found At: Haunted Forest (last...
  • Boots Thumbnail
    Equipment Navigation: Weapons Garments Accessories Hero Item Affinity - Boots Yellow White Light...

Popular Articles

  • Workers/Tier4 Thumbnail
    Tier-4 workers have four skills. Their baseline is around 25 skill points in each crafting skill...
  • Bear Armor Thumbnail
    Bear Armor
    Bear Armor Unlocked By: Plated Leather, Item Level: 21, Base Power:+ 525, Unlocks: Nightingale...
  • Workers/Tier5
    Tier-5 workers have all skills. Their baseline is around 1 skill point in each crafting skill...
  • Venomous Hands Thumbnail
    Venomous Hands
    Venomous Hands Unlocked By: Wooden Chest/OR/ 7, Blueprint Rarity:, Item Level: 9, Base...
  • Vambrace Thumbnail
    Vambrace Unlocked By: Gauntlets (Item), Item Level: 5, Base Power:+76, Unlocks: Long Gauntlets...
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