Idle Monster Frontier

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Jun 21, 2019


Push the frontier, Capture monsters and Evolve the perfect team.

Idle Monster Frontier is a monster capture and battle game where you can evolve powerful teams of monsters using a unique skill and leveling system.

- Battle monsters, including Dragons and Zombies, from 4 different idle monster tribes.

- Collect monsters from every tribe to balance your idle monster team.

- Power up your monsters by teaching them new skills to absorb and deal massive damage.

- Build your base to enhance your abilities and cook up potions and epic scrolls while you're offline.

- Conquer different zones by defeating huge bosses to unlock new monsters and skills as you push further into the world.

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Mouse only. Instructions in-game. Use mobile-style "tap and drag" to scroll scrollable areas (indicated by bouncing arrow.)

September 7, 2019

v1.2.5 HOTFIX - Fix big bug caused by having no inactive or unmastered formations. If your inventory is full of monsters now, you can try to sell them off manually, or you can DM me or email with your user id from the top left corner of the settings screen and I will roll your cloud save back to before the bug (stop playing temporarily after contacting me so I can update your save cleanly.)

September 7, 2019

v1.2.4 - Add option to auto-seller to avoid selling monsters that are required for formations. Note that this option will only retain the number of monsters required to satisfy the formation requirement, and will sell subsequent captures matching the same requirement. - Show progress of Killing Streak and Addict as a number on the icons in the party overview. The number is the number of procs. It stops growing when the limit of each skill is reached. (known issue: number doesn't show for core Killing Streak, will fix in next build) - Express base chance bonuses as multipliers in trait descriptions and state the base chance (e.g. +100% to avoid/crit chance is now shown as 2x.) This should make it easier for new players to understand that "+100%" avoid chance does not mean "100%" avoid chance. - Add tooltips for the trait names in the auto-seller. - Fix negative heals bug (generally from Vampire proccing on huge damage.) - Fix negative damage when total damage from a single hit surpasses 9 quintillion. - Add abbreviations for sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion. - Abbreviate heals in trait descriptions. - Maybe fix tooltips not disappearing for touchscreen users (maybe. For the record: touchscreen is not an officially supported input method for the web version of the game, but I'll try to make it work.)

August 27, 2019

v1.2.3 - Add switch icon in bottom left of monsters while they're fusing - Disallow Dummy drops from Gachapon before first ascension (because they're confusing new players) - Make travel mode button more noticeable. Strobe the button when it's in farm mode on the map before it returns home, and pop the button when it triggers. - Add UNLOCKED filter for monster inventory
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