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Enjoy strategic turn-based combat in this unique twist on the collectible strategy genre.
Build your army from a library of 100+ distinctive units; earn units for FREE in our single player campaign and our free weekly tournaments!
Play against friends and strangers both in real-time and asynchronously... Highrounds works equally well for both!
Distinguish yourself by hitting Rank 50 in a weekly tournament, the veritable top of the Highgrounds. Top ranked players can win rare units!
Mar 13, 2013


Highgrounds is a FREE multiplayer strategy game with collectible units. You can play both asynchronously and in real time. Defeat your opponents by being more clever when building your army and by outmaneuvering them on the battlefield. Participate each week in our free tournament; anyone can win free collectibles and the best players will have a chance to win rare collectibles. Can you make it to the top of the Highgrounds? Find out now!


Explained in-game

August 22, 2016

Hello Highgrounds fans! First, Heart Shaped Games has a new game! It's called Hero Generations: ReGen (http://www.herogenerations.com ) and it's a Roguelike/4X Strategy RPG where every turn is one year of your life. It's available on PC/Mac/Linux, and for the first time, on iOS (iPad/iPhone)! An Android version is also coming soon, and you can follow us on Twitter to find out exactly when it releases ( http://www.twitter.com/heartshapedgame ). Highgrounds has also received a few updates if you haven't played in awhile. Of note is the new "Unit of the Day" feature which offers 1 unit on direct sale each day. The Starter Bundle has also been significantly reduced to just 1100 Gems so new players can build a collection right away. Thanks for your support, and hope to see you in game! -Heart Shaped Games Team
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